Sensitivity With Superdrug

Superdrug somewhat failed with their advertising this Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s Day has been and gone once again, and the world had to put up with that warm romantic feeling that comes with being told as and when to buy cheap tat.

But I’m not here to start firing into this particular barrel of fish, but some of the work done by the advertising bodies during this momentous time of year, as being aggressively anti-Valentine’s has now become just as tedious as those who are in favour of the day.

Those guys and gals in the advertising branches of companies around the world have been sitting twiddling their thumbs since their latest record-breaking Christmas, having bankrupted the general public by enticing them into buying things that perhaps may well have already been moved on by now.

With January lacking any holiday worth splurging one’s money on, television is now awash with adverts trying to flog any old nonsense to you, poor consumers, with the wonderful idea that it will be the item that does in fact prove your love for your paramour, on this most joyous of holidays.

Moonpig and Funky Pigeon are leading the way with their offer of roses to accompany a tacky card to make one major cliché-filled day, while a nod of approval must go to Durex for trying to advertise a gift that encompasses the overall aim for the day and forgoes the charade of this being a day for romance.

Superdrug make-up
This is more likely what Superdrug were aiming to advertise…

But I save special reservation of this bout of cynicism for the work of Superdrug and their incredibly insensitive slogan to promote their brand going into Valentine’s Day.

Their advertising push going into the first significant ‘holiday’ of the British New Year, consisted of ending their commercials with the slogan, “This Valentine’s Day, give her Superdrug.”

Now on the surface it seems fairly harmless, merely encouraging people to use their store in their quest for slap-dash gifts, but the ease to see beyond the surface suggests they were as last-minute in their decision to produce this advert as many will have been when plotting their purchases for this forgettable of days.

The connotations are obvious. It basically screams date-rape at a volume so loud, you think it would have been heard over the all the back-slapping within the corporate offices.


We live in a complex world where male-female relations are just as strained as any race or religious issues. Feminism has helped elevate women to a world where they are seen as equals, but rarely treated that way.

A strong, independent women is generally viewed in a positive way, but will face far more obstacles that any ‘ambitious’ male. That goes for almost double when it comes to the world of sex, where the voracious male is perplexed by the idea that a woman may pick and choose her own lover these days. suggests that 85,000 women in England and Wales alone are the victims of sexual assault every year, with one in five women believed to have experienced some form of sexual violence since the age of 16, let alone whatever may happen in their childhoods.

These problems are finally being highlighted within the media, within 2016 alone. The string of rapes that happened outside the railway station in Cologne, Germany on New Year’s Eve was an abomination heavily covered within the worldwide press, highlighting the levels of violence some will stoop to in regards to women.

More importantly towards the Superdrug advert, we have Roosh V and his merry band of fuckwits that seem to believe there is no harm being done in using date-rape drugs in order to ‘encourage’ women into sexual activity, despite it negating their ability to consent.

Roosh V Fuckwit
How has this man honestly managed to be given a voice in this world?

Date-rape drugs are one of the unspoken dangers of the British social scene right now, with more focus on making sure women be careful of such dangers when out and about, than there is in trying to stamp out such reprehensible behaviour.

With the power of feminism getting more vocal every day, we continuously hear more and more women with the power to influence the minds of the great unwashed coming forward with stories of their own harassment hell and really come to grips with how frequently sexual violence is inflicted upon the fairer sex.


A well-renowned company within these islands such as Superdrug should quite frankly know better and should be aware of the big issues facing society today.

To lace an advert with such a ridiculously easily twisted connotation is at best unwittingly stupid, from a corporation that should have enough people in place to avoid such obvious PR faux pas’.

Quite frankly, despite the connotations dying down a little bit for the next Hallmark holiday, it really didn’t sound much better on Mothers’ Day either. Perhaps it’s time to quickly drop that tagline.


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